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Many people from the North Shore and beyond (New York, Vermont, even Washington state!) contact us to help them with their health and fitness goals after reading the amazing success stories on our website, hearing one of my seminars, or most commonly as a referral from their doctor or friend.

We are always excited to find out about your fitness needs and goals, and share our unique solutions to deliver the life changing results you've heard about and that you deserve.

Like most, you've probably travelled down the frustrating road towards weight loss, performance enhancement, pain reduction, and simply wanting to look and feel better. Plenty of people offer enticing gimmicks and fads that disappoint at best, rip you off, waste your money, and even get you hurt at worst.

At Spectrum - we think you deserve more. Fortunately, we know exactly how to provide with what you want: RESULTS. And when you meet us, you'll learn that we actually guarantee it.

You've probably realized by now that we're a very different fitness company. We are professionals...doctorate and fellowship trained in Physical Therapy, possess degrees in athletic training, the highest fitness certifications, and are board certified nutritionists. When it comes to health and fitness, we have all of the bases covered.

That's why we offer Initial Consultations. We're proud about what we have done, and we want you to get to know how we genuinely care about your fitness and health, and we want to show you how we can help.

Meeting face to face allows you to have access to genuine professionals so you can describe your goals, concerns, and get real solutions. You can see if we are the real deal. And just as important, we can find out more about how we can help you!

Even better - to celebrate our Small Business of the Year award, we will offer these consultations for FREE!

When you request your consult, we will contact you usually within 24 hours to find out more about you and if we have availability, schedule your appointment.

We look forward to meeting you!

Dr. Michael Stare

Director and Owner, Spectrum Fitness Consulting, LLC

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Fellow of the American Academy of

Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists, Certified Strength

and Conditioning Specialist, Board Certified Nutritionist